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Secrets By Bob Byerley

By Bob Byerley

Secrets by Bob Byerley

It was well into the third week of summer vacation and we had read all of Lester Carter’s comic books when Artie Dunbar said,“Lets start a club, we’ll do dangerous things and we’ll have meetings in Dubby’s tree house!” Carpenter added, “We’ll charge about a hundred dollars to get in, never let girls in, have secret rules and a secret handshake an a secret password and........... Artie stopped him, “Carpenter, if your sister Charlene twists your arm behind you, I know you! You’d tell her everything!” “No, I’d swear a club’s oath, I’d let her break my arm in about eighty places!”

Secrits by Bob Byerley is available for sale as a Signed and Numbered Limited Edition Paper Prints with a 21-1/2 x 27 Image Size priced at $195 each unframed. Order your print today. All prints are professionally boxed and insured and guaranteed to arrive in mint condition. Bob Byerley specialty is painting kids and memories of yesterday in Art Prints and Original Paintings for sale. A tree house and children playing painted in Artwork on sale painted by Bob Byerley "Painter of Our American Childhood". All prints have been hand signed by the artist. Secrets by Bob Byerley.

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Signed And Numbered Limited Edition Paper Print 21-1/2 x 27 Image Size 1500 $195.00

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