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The Biggest Leopard By Simon Combes

By Simon Combes

The Biggest Leopard by Simon Combes. While Driving along a bush trail early one morning just a few miles from my home in Kenya, I heard a terrific roaring and screaming,” Simon says. “Less than 100 yards away a huge commotion was taking place—two leopards were engaged in serious combat with dust, fur and chunks of dirt flying everywhere. After a few seconds, they broke off the fight to snarl and growl at each other, their ears flattened and tails lashing. Minutes later, the vanquished rose cautiously to his feet and slowly left the scene of battle. The victor was huge—by far the largest leopard I have ever seen. I have tried to capture that moment and expression when he paused to give me a baleful, malevolent glare.”

The Biggest Leopard by Simon Combes was published in October of 2003 as a Limited Edition Giclee Canvas with a 21 x 32 Image Size.

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Limited Edition Giclee Canvas 21 x 32 Image Size 75 Please Inquire Click to Inquire

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