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Simba - African Lion By Simon Combes

By Simon Combes

Simba - African Lion by Simon Combes was published in July of 1988.

"This is as fine a specimen of a lion as you'll see, lean and fit with a great shaggy mane and absolutely in the prime of his life. I am often asked how close I get to these animals and the answer is about ten yards . . . in a vehicle, of course. If I were on foot, he would never let me approach so close; either he would have turned tail and run, the most likely reaction, or he would have flattened himself in that rich red-oat greas and made it very plain that I should come no closer. But a vehicle to a lion is like an inanimate object posing no threat and therefore to be treated with utter disdain even when excited, chattering, camera-clicking humans are craning their necks out of every window and roof hatch.

"Usually when a vehicle approaches, the lion will flop down in the grass, feigning total boredom and go to sleep. However, certain noises will galvanize him into action, bringing him leaping to his feet fully alert and ready to deal with any situation. The trick is to know the noises and anything involving food or sex is a guaranteed winner. I am not much good at the mating call of the lioness, but there are all manner of subtle sounds which would suggest to a large, arrogant, idle lion that someone else might have killed something worth investigating." ~ Simon Combes

Indiana Jones was greasy kid-stuff compared to Simon Combes. Africa was Simon’s Ark of the Covenant and saving it and sharing it with mankind was his life’s passion. Simon was the liveliest, most fun artist ever. And, man, this guy could paint! Like no other artist, he introduced us to the scope, marvel and beauty of the African Experience. This December marks the tenth anniversary of Simon Combes’ death. We miss his personality but we are thankful that we can still collect and enjoy his art.

It is fitting that "Simba" be released as an Anniversary Fine Art Canvas at this time. This is as fine a specimen of a lion as you’ll see and it is how we would like to remember Simon. Maybe Simon lacked the great shaggy mane, but lean, fit and absolutely in the prime of his life fits the bill. This canvas’ presence is as regal, splendid and magnificent as the man himself. "Simba" is one of the finest examples of African wildlife art created by one of the finest African artists ever.

Simba - African Lion by Simon Combes is available for sale as a vertical Signed And Numbered Limited Edition Paper Print with a 16 5/8 x 19 Image Size priced at $450 unframed. Order yours today. For sale framed or unframed we are a full service custom picture frame shop and can build a design to meet any style of budget. All artwork is professionally boxed and insured and guaranteed to arrive in mint condition.

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Signed And Numbered Limited Edition Print 16 5/8 x 19 Image Size 850 $450.00

Limited Edition Giclee Canvas 32 x 28 Image Size 50 $595.00

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