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German Shorthaired Pointer By Owen Gromme

By Owen Gromme

German Shorthaired Pointer by Owen Gromme.

A lone male German Shorthair retriever is locked on point in this great hunting dog and upland game bird art print for sale. The breed is streamlined yet powerful with strong legs that make it able to move rapidly and turn quickly. It has moderately long floppy ears set high on the head. Its muzzle is long, broad, and strong, allowing it to retrieve even heavy game. The dog's profile should be straight or strongly Roman nosed; any dished appearance to the profile is incorrect. The eyes are generally brown, with darker eyes being desirable; yellow or "bird of prey" eyes are a fault. The tail is commonly docked, although this is now prohibited in some countries. The correct location for docking for GSP is after the caudal vertebrae start to curl, leaving enough tail to let the dog communicate through tail wagging and movement. The docked tail should not be too long or too short but should balance the appearance of the head and body. The German Shorthaired Pointer tail is carried at a jaunty angle, not curled under. When the dog is in classic point stance, the tail should be held straight out from the body forming a line with the pointing head and body. Like all German pointers, German Shorthair Pointers have webbed feet.

German Shorthair Pointer by Owen Gromme is available for sale as a Signed and Numbered Limited Edition of only 850 paper art prints with a 25 x 16-1/2 Image Size and is for sale for $110 unframed. Order your print today. All prints are professionally boxed and insured and guaranteed to arrive in mint condition. Wildlife Artist Owen Gromme painted a Shorthaired Pointer pointing towards an unknown bird near a corer fence post and some Bobwhite Quail in Art Prints for sale.

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Singed And Numbered Limited Edition Print 25 x 16-1/2 Image Size 850 $110.00

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