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Fall Plowing Les Kouba

By Les C. Kouba

Fall Plowing painted by wildlife artist Les C. Kouba. The American Classic Series is a nostalgic contemplation and record of a way of life Les Kouba has known. It is all of our story-memories shared-and Les Kouba has painted it the way it was. This painting brings back fond memories for the artist of barefoot days as a young boy following his father as the breaking plow turned the prairie sod upside down. The freshly-plowed furrow was pleasurably cool and soft to bare feet, and it was the boy’s job to make certain the long, straight strip of sod did not fall back into the furrow. The sod plow had a sharp-edged, rolling coulter that cut through the sod, while the plowshare sliced underneath the thickly matted grass roots. The well-scoured curve of the moldboard lifted and turned over an unbroken ribbon of black soil. The horses knew how to plow, and the plow-man had only to follow with the guiding lines tied behind his back. It meant walking as much as fifteen to twenty miles a day with only an hour off for dinner. On a good day he could plow as much as two acres. It was lonely, tiresome work, but for an occasional welcome interlude of wild geese passing overhead. In Kouba’s painting, the horses hear the cry of the honkers and the bay horse actually sees them. By instinct and experience, the geese and plow-man know that winter is on the way, and there can be little pause for rest. The birds are fewer now and hurrying south. This could be the last flock of the season. This is the first print of the famous American Classic Series that was both painted and published by wildlife artist Les Kouba. It is a print with a farmer plowing a field using two horses while a flock of geese fly overhead. Call or email for pricing on the complete matched number set or Fall Plowing limited edition print by itself.

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Signed and Numbered Limited Edition Paper Print LAST ONE 15 x 23 Image Size 2000 $250.00

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