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Antelope In Ranch Country By Les Kouba

By Les C. Kouba

Antelope in Ranch Country by Les Kouba.

This print is part of the American classic series. This painting is Les Koubaís tribute to our Western plains and to those who choose to live there. After the open range came the fences and then the faithful windmills which helped establish many permanent ranching operations. Water was the key that helped win the West.

The Aeromotor windmill with its venerable wooden tower was photographed in the 1960ís west of Quemado, New Mexico. It has a solid, homemade quality about it not unlike the people who built it. Only a few of these remain in remote areas of ranch country. Some are still on the job, and are as dependable and tireless as the people who live there.

Windmills in ranch country are often left unattended and turned on, waiting the wind-hence, the overflow water on the ground where the antelope prefer to drink. A doe is enjoying the rancherís salt lick, and the buck in the foreground is ever alert and watching over his band.

Les Kouba couldn't resist including a bit of his lifeline hobby of Indian artifacts, and sleuthing viewers may discover an arrowhead in the foreground.

The windmills of the plains, not unlike the lighthouses by the sea, are the sentinels of scattered ranches often beyond the reach of electricity. Often, a struggling lone tree shares a lonely vigil with the windmill.

Antelope in Ranch Country is a A limited edition wildlife art print with a group of antelope at a old wind mill and water hole. One of six prints in the American Classic series painted by wildlife artist Leslie Kouba.

Antelope in Ranch Country by Les Kouba is availale for sale as a signed and numbered limited edition print with a 15 x 23 image size priced at $100 unframed. This is our last print, It has a couple of small bends in the white margin of the print. Les C. Kouba wildlife art prints on sale framed any way you want or unframed. Order yours today. All prints are professionally boxed and insured and guaranteed to arrive in mint condition. All of the prints have been hand signed by wildlife artist Les C. Kouba, Art Prints and Paintings for sale. Pronghorn Antelope in Artwork on sale painted by Minnesota artist Leslie C. Kouba.

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Signed And Numbered Limited Edition Paper Print 15 x 23 Image Size 2000 $100.00

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