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Partners - Lions By John Banovich

By John Banovich

Partners - Lions by John Banovich

"There is no greater bond in the big cat world than between pride males. Male lions often start out their lives as litter mates, and these two brothers will grow up together and leave the family pride together. Two African Lions lay in the grass together in this great big cats and Lion artwork for sale. If they successfully conquer all of the threats facing a lion in the wild, they will finally arrive at the day when they rule over a territory and have a pride of their own. Like all brothers, they will fight over the small stuff, but reconcile their differences fairly quickly. One day, as new heirs defending their own pride, they will face an enormous amount of challenges, but because of their deep connection, they will go to war for each other - defining what the word "partners" truly means. " John Banovich.

Partners - Lions by John Banovich was released as a Signed and Numbered Limited Edition of only 75 Giclee Canvas art prints with a 25 x 40 image size and is for sale for $1,500 unframed. They are in mint condition and have never been framed. African Wildlife art prints and Big Cats and Lion art prints for sale framed any way you want or unframed. Order your print today. All prints are professionally boxed and insured and guaranteed to arrive in mint condition. John Banovich Canvas Art Prints and Paintings for sale. Original African Wildlife Artwork on sale painted by Montana wildlife artist John Banovich.

Types Dimensions Edition Size Price Cart
Signed & Numbered Limited Edition Giclee' Canvas 40 x 25 Image Size 75 $1,500.00

Signed & Numbered Limited Edition Artist Proof Giclee' Canvas 40 x 25 Image Size 7 $1,800.00

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