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One To One - Gray Wolf Study By Carl Brenders

By Carl Brenders

One to One - Gray Wolf Study by Carl Brenders

t can take years for an idea for a painting to ripen in my mind. In the meantime, I make detailed pencil drawings of the subject, trying to capture the real character of the animals I plan to paint. I wanted to portray a quiet, peaceful scene of a wolf pack at rest, giving a feeling of being part of it myself. After I finished the drawing, I got the idea to leave two of the wolves out and do a painting of one lonely wolf, which would give the painting a completely different dimension. The expression of the wolf in the front of my drawing somewhat resembled that of a domestic dog, and that was exactly what I wanted to portray in my future wolf painting. When wolves leave a pack, for one reason or another, they can be seen alone for a period of time before they form another pack. " I Have had many different ideas in my head about painting that wonderful, mysterious creature, the wolf. I was pleased to hear that the wolf will be reintroduced to Yellowstone in the future. Because Yellowstone and the wolf have a special place in my heart, I got the idea to combine both in a painting.

"On one of my trips to Yellowstone, I followed a coyote for a long distance and he brought me to one of the most beautiful places I had ever seen in the park. The harmony of the dry grasses and the different colored rocks, from blacks to blues, excited me. Places such as this inspire me a great deal and I am very grateful that the coyote brought me there. The coyote's colors fit well into this nice scenery, so I hope the coyote will not be jealous that I painted a wolf instead. For me, it is a wonderful experience to be able to get inspiration from such an encounter in the wilderness." - Carl Brenders.

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