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The Homecoming - Military By Rick Kelley

By Rick Kelley

The Homecoming - Military by Rick Kelley

It is part of my mission to recognize and honor those who serve, or have served our country as well as others who have gone beyond the call of duty. This painting was created to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the tragedies from the events of 9-11.

There are many camouflaged components in the painting.

A wise man once said, "Freedom is not to do what ever one wants, but to do what one ought"

I believe that in order to live in peace and make the changes in the world necessary for us to get along, to succeed, be prosperous and ultimately survive, we need to start loving and giving of ourselves unconditionally to each other. Thank you for reading about this painting.

The Yellow Ribbon on the Pole. The soldier is returning home. As he looks over at the picture drawn by his daughter nailed to a telephone pole with a yellow ribbon tied right below it, she writes "In God We Trust" and "I Love You Dad." Between the soldier and the town are ghosts of policemen, firemen and soldiers honoring him for fighting for what they gave their lives for. As your eye follows the four telephone wires towards the town then beyond, you'll see four snow lines going up into the mountains. At the end of the lines are four F-16 fighters flying in the Missing Soldier Formation. Between the 3rd and 4th jet is the 3 firemen raising the flag in front of the remnants of the twin towers in Manhattan. To the right of the 4th jet are the soldiers raising the flag at Iwo Jima. On one side of the main telephone pole, in the mountain, is Mother Teresa, who gave her life to the poorest of the poor. On the other side is Dr. Martin Luther King, who gave his life defending Freedom. In the snowiest part of the mountain, to the left, is the Pentagon. World peace is defended there daily. In flight, below the Pentagon is United Flight 93, on the side of the plane, in the immortal words of civilian Todd Beamer it says "Let's Roll". At the top of the mountain is the American flag again in the mountain and the sky with our nation's symbol, the bald eagle soaring to great heights over all the sacrifices in the name of God, Country and Freedom.

The Homecoming by Rick Kelley is available in several different size options listed below. This is a great gift to give a solider or the family of any military personal.

If you want to personalize your canvas please email us photos of your uniform or patch We can get the artist to paint you or your soldier as the soldier returning home! The cost is $100 additional to the cost of the canvas. This is only available on the canvas's, $600 cost of the large canvas or $1,200 for the extra large canvas. Please email us a photo of the soldier in the uniform or camouflage.

Types Dimensions Edition Size Price Cart
Signed Open Edition Print 13-1/4 x 21 Image Size Open Edition $60.00

Large - Signed And Numbered Limited Edition Paper Print 21 x 32 Image Size 1250 $125.00

Large - Signed And Numbered Limited Edition Giclee Canvas 21 x 32 Image Size 250 $600.00

Extra Large - Signed And Numbered Limited Edition Giclee Canvas 24 x 38 Image Size 50 $1,200.00

Your solider painted on the canvas Hand painted by the artist Rick Kelley $100.00

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