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Ruffed Grouse - Red Phase By Owen Gromme

By Owen Gromme

Ruffed Grouse Red Phase by Owen Gromme.

A Red Phased male ruffed grouse is strutting in an autumn setting in this great upland game bird art print. The orange autumn leaves and green moss make the perfect setting that any grouse lover would enjoy. The Ruffed Grouse differs from other grouse species in its courtship display. Unlike other grouse species, the Ruffed Grouse relies entirely on a non-vocal acoustic display, known as drumming. The drumming itself is a rapid, wing-beating display that creates a low frequency sound, starting slow and speeding up (thump...thump...thump..thump-thump-thump-thump). Even in thick woods this can be heard for a quarter mile or more (~1/2 km). The Ruffed Grouse spends most of its time quietly on the ground, and when surprised, may explode into flight, beating their wings very loudly. In the winter, they will burrow into the snow for warmth, and may suddenly burst out of the snow when approached too closely.

Ruffed Grouse - Red Phase by Owen Gromme is available for sale as a Signed and Numbered Limited Edition of only 850 Signed and Numbered art prints with a large 16 x 20 Image Size and is for sale for $125 unframed. The prints are in mint condition and have never been framed. Wisconsin Born Wildlife Artist Owen Gromme art prints on sale framed any way you want or unframed. Order your print today. All prints are professionally boxed and insured and guaranteed to arrive in mint condition. Wildlife Artist Owen Gromme painted a covey of Ruffed Grouse Red Phase in Art Prints for sale. This lone Ruffed Grouse was painted by released as a signed and numbered Artwork on sale by Owen Gromme.

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Signed And Numbered Limited Edition Print 16 x 20 Image Size 850 $125.00

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