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Reflection Frame Design Golden Pine

By Paul Henning

Framing is an important part of the artwork experience. This is why weve designed a couple of framing options to save our clients design time and money. Framing Design Rustic Pine features: a finished yet rustic wood frame, maroon suede top mat, yellow bottom mat, custom M cut and conservation glass (97% UV blocking). Please allow 3-5 weeks for delivery.

When you order you will have a $16.50 shipping charge automatically applied.

If you would like to pickup at the gallery when completed and save the $16.50 please add (do not charge shipping)into your shopping cart.

If you do want the piece shipped please select (please ship my piece)and you will be charged $16.50 + $9.50 = $26 to ship. Multiple frame orders require multiple shipping charges.


We are sorry for this confusion and would be happy to give you a call if you have any questions

Types Dimensions Edition Size Price Cart
LE Print + Framing 19-1/2 x 44-1/2 outside the frame size 7449 $225.00

Please ship my piece $9.50

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