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An African Experience - Lions By Simon Combes

An African Experience - Lions by Simon Combes. Artist, adventurer and conservationist Simon Combes called Africa home. His art portrays the grace, power and mystery of the wild with an exacting technique and attention to detail. Best known for his stunning images of African landscapes and wildlife, Combes’ paintings would be mistaken for photographs, except for life and warmth no Nikon can capture. In An African Experience, Simon’s focus is on the pride of the Serengeti. “Little outcrops of rock stand out like islands in the grassy sea of the Serengeti,” Simon said.“Formed millions of years ago during the cataclysmic upheavals and volcanic eruptions of Africa's birth, these rock groups form fantastic shapes. For Serengeti lions, rock garden oases are more than watering holes. They provide lairs where cubs can be born, and havens to escape the heat of the day. They are also vantage points from which lions can watch the parade of life go by.”

An African Experience - Lions by Simon Combes was published in September of 2005 as a Vertical Extra Large Limited Edition Masterwork Canvas with a 32 x 40 Image Size priced at only $975 unframed.

Types Dimensions Edition Size Price Cart
Extra Large Limited Edition Masterwork Canvas 32 x 40 Image Size 100 $975.00

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