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Winter Fishing Memories - Ice Fishing By Les C. Kouba

Winter Fishing Memories by Les Kouba.

This Ice Fishing art print shows a north woods lake and Thirteen Ice Houses. If you look close the smoke from the stove pipe will tell you what houses are being used. This Les Kouba Ice Fishing art print was Published in 1982. Ten years before Les started working on his famous Darkhouse Spearing series. This is the same scene as Darkouse Finale but was painted ten years earlier.

Winter Fishing Memories - Ice Fishing by Les C. Kouba we have two of the original prints from 1982 that where never signed or numbered available priced at $150 unframed. We also have one of the artist proofs available for sale at $350 unframed. Keywords ice fishing houses lake winter angling angler shack house spearing cabin snow winter limited edition fishing art prints wildlife

Types Dimensions Edition Size Price Cart
Signed And Numbered Limited Artist Proof Edition Print 12 x 20 Image Size 2000 $350.00

Unsigned Unnumbered print 11 x 18 Image Size unsigned $150.00

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