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How can you measure the power and grace you find in the wild? Not with words you can't, but some people are able to express that intangible that so many of us find hard to describe. One of those ways to display the power of nature is through Brian Jarvi art prints. Mr. Jarvi not only captures the correct physiology of the animal itself, but also some of the feeling behind it. Brian Jarvi Down Wind The fear, the contented look and the power of stalking are caught in these wonderful prints, simply unmatched by anything else we've seen. This artist brings out those feelings of the power of nature in animals from America to Africa and we feature here on our web site. We have a couple of examples of this fine artist's work. You get a sense of perspective and movement in his art and an excellent color representation that is deep and rich, along with a sense of light and shadow. Brian Jarvi art prints have been famous for many people and one of our treasured Minnesota wildlife artists.

Brian Jarvi Art Gallery

The artist's background.

Brian Jarvi has been drawing and sketching since childhood. He has always been fascinated by wildlife and it was natural to combine his love of the outdoors with his love of art. Jarvi uses firsthand observation to create realistic portrayals of wildlife by combining intricate detail, dramatic lighting, and anatomical accuracy. His popularity is ever growing and he is widely known for his "up close and personal" compositions. Africa, and it's incredible wildlife has been Jarvi's passion for the past decade, now. "The tremendous diversity, the sheer numbers, and often sobering confrontations of the wildlife has spawned more ideas than I can ever hope to put on canvas". Jarvi is the first artist to win both the Minnesota Duck and Pheasant contests in consecutive years and only the second artist in history to win both of Minnesota's major prints contests. Jarvi's concerns for the environment run deep. His artwork has helped raise money for organizations such as the Washington Department of Natural Resources, Pheasants Forever, Minnesota Waterfowl Association, National Wild Turkey Federation, Ducks Unlimited, The American Oceans Campaign, Safari Club International, and Fauna & Flora International. Brian was born and raised in northern Minnesota.

Brian Jarvi Locked and Loaded

Both of these pictures featured here showcase works that have an intense feel to them. You can almost sense the alert nature of the deer above or the lion ready to pounce or chase down it's prey. It's almost as if the you sense that you might be in some kind of trouble! It's that kind of artistic rendering that makes his art so special and prized by collectors of fine art.

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