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In The Beginning - Astronauts By Alan Bean

By Alan Bean

In The Beginning... - Astronauts by Alan Bean

On July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong took one small step for a man and a giant leap for mankind. On November 15, 1969, Alan Bean also set foot on the Moon. Twenty five years later, "In the Beginning" was created to celebrate the anniversary.

"I knew that creating a painting to celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of the first lunar landing and the total Apollo program would be difficult," says Bean. "How does one show in a single painting the dedication, the intensity, the self sacrifice, the sense of duty, history and patriotism that engulfed all of us in our quest for the Moon?" ~ Alan Bean

With a little help from his friends, that's how. Just as the Apollo program itself was the collaboration of many, Bean sought suggestions from fellow astronauts, artists and good friends before creating this image. The result is this stirring portrait of Neil Armstrong, the first man on the Moon, celebrating their accomplishment in red, white and blue while Gene Cernan, the latest moon explorer, gives a friendly wave at the planet they've temporarily left behind.

Countersigners: Walter Cunningham and Wally Schirra (Apollo 7)

Frank Borman (Apollo 8)

Jim McDivitt and Rusty Schweickart (Apollo 9)

Tom Stafford (Apollo 10)

Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins (Apollo 11)

Alan Bean, Charles Conrad Jr. and Dick Gordon (Apollo 12)

Fred W. Haise and Jim Lovell (Apollo 13)

Edgar Mitchell, Stuart A. Roosa and Alan B. Shephard Jr. (Apollo 14)

Dave Scott and Al Worden (Apollo 15), Charlie Duke (Apollo 16) and Harrison H. "Jack" Schmitt (Apollo 17).

In The Beginning... by Alan Bean is available for sale as a signed and numbered limited edition print with a 17-1/4 x 15 image size priced at $___ unframed.

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The artists is an astronaut, Captain Alan Bean was the lunar module pilot on Apollo 12, the fourth man to walk on the moon and commander of Skylab 2. I am fortunate enough to have seen sights no other artist ever has, Bean says. In this painting he painted a couple astronauts on the surface of the moon standing near the American Flag. Astronauts in art prints and paintings painted by Astronaut Alan Bean.

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