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Our World At My Fingertips - Astronauts By Alan Bean

By Alan Bean

Our World at My Fingertips by Alan Bean

“Looking up at the Earth, I could see my home 240,000 miles away. I moved into my spacecraft's shadow to get a better view without squinting. It was a brilliant blue and white world floating in a shiny black sky. From this great distance, the collective problems of an entire planet are small beyond recognition. If there really are angels, is this the view they see? Reaching up, I balanced the Earth between my gloved thumb and forefinger. Our world, the whole earth was safely cradled in my fingertips."

"Looking down at the Moon, the crisp gray dust was a perfect pallet to contrast earth. From a distance, Monet might have painted our planet as a brilliant blue blur. Some truly great paintings are best appreciated that way."

"At first, it may seem I have painted my right finger incorrectly, not pointing at the Earth. Not so. I have purposely painted it a little lower and to the right of the Earth due to the effect of parallax."

"How small our Earth is in the infinite universe. Someday, when future explorers look back from Mars, our precious home will be but a dim star. Our planet may be small but we are fortunate indeed. Consider the fact that with all the millions of telescopes humans have created and used, and all the hundreds of space probes we've rocketed out into the universe, Earth is still the most beautiful world we have ever seen. How lucky we are!” ~ Alan Bean

Only from a moon walker could such a point of view experience be related. Apollo enthusiasts will also note the details of Captain Bean’s LMP Cuff Checklist are clearly identifiable in this 24" x 17" Fine Art Giclée Canvas. A quick look at his watch and reference to the checklist will let you know what activity Alan was engaged in when he took a moment to take in this view. Each "Our World at My Fingertips" is signed by NASA astronaut Alan Bean.

Our World at My Fingertips by Alan Bean is available for sale as a signed and numbered limited edition giclee canvas. They have a 17 x 24 image size and are priced at $685 unframed.

Order yours today before they are gone. All NASA artwork is professionally boxed and fully insured guaranteed to arrive in mint condition.

Types Dimensions Edition Size Price Cart
Signed And Numbered Limited Edition Giclee Canvas 17 x 24 Image Size 80 $695.00

Signed And Numbered Limited Edition Artist Proof Giclee Canvas 17 x 24 Image Size Artist Proof $795.00

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