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Natures Touch By Steve Hanks

By Steve Hanks

Published 2006. The mystery of what lies below the surface is one of water’s most fascinating attractions.The same can be said of the paintings of Steve Hanks, where water and its presence have a nomenclature all their own. “Oceans are vast and we are small in comparison,” says Hanks. “When a painting occurs at seaside, often the subjects are contemplating significant passages in their lives. Rivers are on the move and going somewhere, as are the figures in these paintings. Lakes are most often environments of calm water and safety. Harmony is often the overriding theme. Bathed in the glow of a warm sun, the woman in this painting is connecting with nature and the uncomplicated joy of life. Poised and confident she dips her foot beneath the surface, an overture to exploring the unknown.”

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Paper Limited Edition 26 x 13 550 $175.00

Giclee Canvas Limited Edition 29 x 15 100 $550.00

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