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Listening To The River By Steve Hanks

By Steve Hanks

Published 2007. "I often paint women near the water," says artist Steve Hanks, "and each body of water has a different meaning, a different feeling." A painting of a woman in the ocean, for example, offers perspective and the sense that "your problems are no larger than a grain of sand." The subject of a lakeside portrait may be seeking solace and a sense of security. A river painting, however, is different. "A river is heading somewhere, it's got direction, "says Steve. "Listening to the River is about listening to the world you're in and waiting for its guidance. The woman is thinking about where she's headed." Steve Hanks' highly realistic watercolors reveal emotion through composition, color and lighting. His lyrical sensibility and unparalleled technical skill with watercolors have made him one of the most sought-after artists painting today.

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Giclee Paper Limited Edition 28 x 18 350 $495.00

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