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Grounds Keepers - Bison By Rod Frederick

By Rod Frederick

Grounds Keepers - Bison by Rod Frederick

“The greatest part of venturing out into the wilderness,” Rod Frederick observes, “is that you can’t determine what kind experience it will deliver. I took my son to Yellowstone for a special father/son adventure his senior year in high school. Our plan was to track wolves. Soon after we set out we found ourselves enveloped by a herd of the park’s bison. They can range two miles in a day while grazing and we had the treat of a lifetime.”

“On a larger scale, the great migrations that spanned the North American Plains were driven by the buffalo’s never ending quest for food. Their movement was timed to when their primary food source, grass, would be most full of nutrients. Non-competing species such as the Pronghorn Antelope often migrated as well, feeding on a different portion of the stalk or type of grass all together. The relationship between animal and land was symbiotic, the buffalo maintained the Plains, the Plains maintained the buffalo.”

Grounds Keepers - Bison by Rod Frederick is available as a signed and numbered limited edition giclee canvas for sale. They have a 12 x 23 image size and are priced at $295 unframed. Wildlife Artist Rod Frederick art prints on sale framed any way you want or unframed. Order yours today. All artwork is professionally boxed and insured and guaranteed to arrive in mint condition. Wildlife Artist Rod Frederick painted a bunch of bison and pronghorn antelope in the western Prairie setting. There is a bunch of wild flowers and some butterflies also. All artwork has been hand signed by the artist. This image was published in 2011.

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Signed And Numbered Limited Edition Giclee Canvas 12 x 23 Image Size 50 $295.00

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