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Abandoned Orchard - Ruffed Grouse By David A. Maass

By David Maass

Abandoned Orchard - Ruffed Grouse by wildlife artist David Maass

This print is a companion print to Abandoned Orchard - Woodcock by wildlife artist David Maass.

These birds feed mainly on vegetation—buds, catkins, leaves, and twigs—which typically accounts for over 95% of adults' food by weight. Thus their diets vary greatly with the seasons. Hatchlings eat mostly insects and other invertebrates, gradually reducing their proportion of animal food to adult levels. Several of the forest-living species are notable for eating large quantities of conifer needles, which most other vertebrates refuse. To digest vegetable food, grouse have big crops and gizzards, eat grit to break up food, and have long intestines with well-developed caeca in which symbiotic bacteria digest cellulose.

Abandoned Orchard - Ruffed Grouse by David A. Maass is available for sale as a signed and numbered limited edition artist proof print with a 17 x 25 image size priced at $295 unframed.

Painting of a couple of ruffed grouse sitting in apple trees painted by Wildlife Artist David Maass. We have a lot of other great Grouse paintings on our website. All paintings and prints are professionally boxed and insured and guaranteed to arrive in mint condition. Minnesota Wildlife Artist David A. Maass painted some Upland Game Birds and Ruffed Grouse in Art Prints for sale.

Keywords: ruffed grouse and upland game birds in apple trees painted in wildlife art prints for sale by MN artist David Maass.

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Signed And Numbered Limited Edition Print 17 x 25 Image Size 850 $295.00

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