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The Guns That Real Men Shoot In South Africa Shadowbox

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The guns that real men shoot in South Africa Safari Photos and Hunting Guide Framing Example

August, 2017

Pictured above is Jan Dumon, Professional Hunter and Owner of Shumba Safaris located in Hoedspruit, South Africa. When Jan is backing up his clients on dangerous game hunts, he needs a "stopper" rifle that he can count on. His weapon of choice is a double riffle made by Verney Carron in Saint Etienne, France. This custom-made rifle costs more than $30,000. It weighs a whopping 17 pounds, is chambered in .600 Nitro Express and shoots 900-grain bullets. The cartridges can cost up to $150. each in South Africa.

You better in shape to hunt with this rifle. It takes a fair amount of muscle just to shoulder the beast much less carry it on extended daily stalks that Jan makes with his clients. Walking in excess of ten miles per day after game is not unusual.

Shown below for comparison purposes is a .416 Rigby cartridge loaded with a 350-grain solid bullet. The .416 Rigby Cartridge is one of a number of famous African cartridges that have withstood the test of time on dangerous game animals. As you can see, it doesn't begin to compare to the .600 Nitro Express cartridge.

If you would like to go hunting with Jan, he can be reached at 011 27 82 457 7908 or

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