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Zz Stamp 2004 - 2005 Federal Duck Stamp Print - Redheads By Scot Storm

By Federal Duck Stamps and Prints

2004 - 2005 Federal Duck Stamps - Redheads by Scot Storm. Acrylic painting of a pair of redheads in flight over a North Dakota prairie pothole by Scot Storm, This was Scot Storm's first Federal Duck Stamp Contest win. As a youngster, Scot Storm discovered his talent for drawing, sketching and design. These skills eventually led him to North Dakota State University where he earned a degree in architecture. While working in this field, Scot’s love of hunting and the outdoors drew him to explore the challenge of wildlife art. In 1987, as a self-taught artist, he entered the Minnesota Duck Stamp contest and placed second. Encouraged by the acceptance of his initial work, he continued to enter stamp contests and enjoyed his first top award by winning the Indiana Pheasant Stamp competition in 1991. Thereafter, Scot’s interest in wildlife art became such a passion, that in 1999, he decided to give up his career in architecture and devote himself full time to painting. Scot was then able to challenge himself in every aspect of his creations from composition, to lighting, to the accuracy and psychology of color. His paintings of waterfowl, hunting dogs and other animals all reveal his attention to the fine details that breathe life into every image and draw the viewer into a scene. As he strives to expand his portfolio, Scot has worked closely with Pheasants Forever, Ducks Unlimited, and the Danbury Mint art collection. Through his many exhibits and displays throughout the country, he has earned a reputation as a knowledgeable, skilled, and creative force in the field of wildlife art. Scot currently lives in Sartell, MN with his wife and family. This location has aided in providing close proximity to various art markets while still offering easy access to pristine woods and waters of northern Minnesota, a place he always enjoys capturing in his work. Honors and Awards: 1991 – Indiana Pheasant Habitat Stamp 2000 – Minnesota Pheasant Habitat Stamp 2000 – “Weather the Storm” – U.S. Art magazine – Top 50 prints for 2000 2001 – Minnesota Ducks unlimited Sponsor Artist of the Year 2001 Pheasants Forever National Habitat Artist – “Legacy” 2001 Heritage Deer Classic, St. Louis, Missouri – Feature Artist 2002 Pheasants Forever National Habitat Artist – “Legacy II” 2003 – Florida Wildlife Exposition Miniature Original Competition – Honorable Mention 2003 – Pheasants Forever National Habitat Artist – “Legacy III” 2004 Minnesota Duck Stamp 2004-1005 FEDERAL DUCK STAMP 2004-2005 Oklahoma Duck Stamp 2004 Watertown Art Festival, Watertown, SD – Feature Artist 2003 Ducks Unlimited National Great Outdoors Festival – Feature Artist Edition Sizes: 1st: 10,500 Regular; 2,000 with companion medallion; 300 Executive; 300 President's Edition Artist's Proofs: 1,050 Regular; 200 with companion medallion; 50 Executive; 50 President's Edition 2nd: No Image Size: 6 ˝" x 9" Comments: PLEASE CALL FOR AVAILABILITY signed and numbered collector edition includes print and duck stamp

Types Dimensions Edition Size Price Cart
Signed and Numbered Limited Collector Edition Paper Print and Stamp 6 1/2 x 9 Image Size 10500 $189.00

Signed and Numbered Limited Medallion Artist Proof Edition Paper Print and Two Stamps 6 1/2 x 9 Image Size 200 $335.00

Signed and Numbered Limited Artist Proof Executive Edition Print and Two Stamps 6 1/2 x 9 Image Size 200 $975.00

Signed and Numbered Artist Proof Presidential Edition Print and Two Stamps 6 1/2 x 9 Image Size 200 $1,195.00

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