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Headin' For Shelter - Pheasants By Les C Kouba

By Les C. Kouba

Headin' for Shelter - Pheasants by Les C Kouba

"Headin' for Shelter was a very unusual painting. At the time I painted it, I didn't realize what a hit it would become."

"I knew I needed a pheasant painting to have a good cross section of limited edition prints. So, being a farm boy I got to thinking about those good old days when pheasants were really plentiful. I wanted a painting with that farm atmosphere in it."

"I really painted the first nostalgic pheasant painting as it was in my mind. Hell, I knew it was another painting; what didn't know was that it was that damn good. It turned out to be the A-bomb that started the real wildlife art boom in America. After the figures were all in and tallied, it generated in excess of a million dollars not bad for a farm kid from Hutchinson."

"I think the painting was successful because America was waiting and hungry for it. They were thirsty for a painting of those delightful pheasants, bringing to life those golden memories of how it used to be."

"It's hard to explain, but it's probably the most important painting I ever did in my life. I had no idea what I was starting when it was released. It was just like cell division. One day, two went out the door, the next day four, the next day eight-the numbers tripled. All of a sudden, I couldn't sign them as fast as the dudes were buying them."

"I figured out pretty quickly that I was going to run out of prints before too long. I kept asking myself, what is it that people liked? I gave the idea some thought and decided to paint another pheasant picture. The pheasants were heading for shelter I kept around the title. I figured it was natural to paint these same 13 birds at the same farm and that same and call it, In Shelter."

"As I was painting it, everything seemed to come in threes. I thought about it and figured it was a natural to have those same birds in the spring the year Leaving Shelter. There was the third one. The painting hit a nerve with the public. I not only started something that had never been done before. I used the same birds 13 pheasants and that cottontail that I carried throughout all three paintings. He was always hidden, a kind of Cracker Jack prize."

"It was so successful. The Series was another of Kouba's firsts."

"Headin' for Shelter, I wanted to create a painting with pheasants in it. Something that would remind the viewer of the good old days when pheasants were so plentiful. To get ideas, I got into my car and drove around the countryside. That's where I found the old hay rake and the corner post-typical things you would see as you walked along the roadside hunting pheasants. I made many sketches and took a lot of photos and then I built the typical upper Midwest farm and painted it." ~ Les Kouba

Heading For Shelter - Pheasants by Les C Kouba is available for sale as a limited edition of only 1,500 prints with a 17 x 24 1/4 image size priced at $___ unframed.

Canvas - Heading For Shelter is also available for sale as giclee canvas with a 18 x 28 image size priced at $300 unframed.

After Les passed away there was a giclee canvas print made of this image so these are not hand signed by Kouba but his name still appears in the lower left corner of the image.

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Signed And Numbered Limited Edition Print 17 x 24-1/4 Image Size 1500 Please Inquire Click to Inquire
Open Edition Giclee Canvas 18 x 28 Image Size Open Edition $300.00

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