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Zf Power Of One By John Banovich - Framed

By John Banovich

Power of One - Elephant by John Banovich.

John Banovich paints and portrays this elephant in all his majesty and power with amazing detail. What a painting--what a print! The quality of the paper is superb. The quality of the print is second to no other print of this size at the time it was printed. This artist did a great job painting this portrait of an elephant in the wild--with all his majesty, power, dignity, glory and attitude. He couldn't have done a better job! Full of superb details, this print seems like a photo. This print really deserves a large frame that brings out the glory of this truly fabulous painting (print). I suggest a large soft black frame as I have chosen. Oh what a vision when you come home and see this print on the wall with a frame that gives it its proper glory and dignity!

Elephants lead very rich social lives, travel miles and miles on their own free will every day. It is absolutely heartbreaking to see elephants that are naturally so dignified, highly intelligent, with much affection for each other, with pride and ATTITUDE reduced to broken spirits--tortured prisoners in circuses and zoos with life sentences and no chance of parole. In this great elephant art print the artist did a extreme close up. Great extra large elephant art for sale.

Power of One - Elephant by John Banovich was released as an extra large paper art prints with a 48 x 40 image size and is for sale for $___ unframed.

Order yours today. All artwork is professionally boxed and insured and guaranteed to arrive in mint condition. All artwork has been hand signed by the artist.

Types Dimensions Edition Size Price Cart
Framed Open Edition Includes complete frame as shown and Print 44 x 53 outside frame size Open Edition Please Inquire Click to Inquire

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