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Double Dare - Black Bears By Carl Brenders

By Carl Brenders

Double Dare - Black Bears by Carl Brenders.

"On a trip through Yellowstone National Park, I witnessed a wonderful scene of a mother black bear with two cubs. Mother was eating berries, and the kids were playing as most kids do. They found all kinds of interesting things to play with. I was not close enough to see what those things were. Unfortunately, I didnít have my camera with me. What a frustration this was! When I was back with my camera, the bears had moved away, plus a park ranger arrived and kept people away from the bears. No way to explain that I was a wildlife artist and wanted to paint this ó no exceptions! When so many people come so close to a mother bear with cubs, the rangers get very nervous. Accidents with bears are no publicity for the park."

"This all happened on the road, where I left my camera in the car. A line of stopped cars means there is some animal to see. I thought it was another elk or a moose, and I already have hundreds of elk and moose photographs."

"The scene was so exceptional and the impression so strong that I wanted to transmit it into a painting as soon as possible. Bears with cubs are extremely dangerous. Watching them from the road is the safest way. Such an encounter on a hiking trip in the field could lead to a dramatic end."

"It is fun to do fieldwork with young bears in game farms where they are familiar with people and are ready to perform." ~ Carl Brenders

Double Dare - Black Bear Cubs by Carl Brenders, is available for sale from Art Barbarians Wildlife Art Gallery and features two black Bear cubs looking for food.

You know how it is when youngsters play - nobody wants to be outdone, especially by a sibling, and the games get progressively more daring. On a recent trip to Yellowstone, Brenders spotted two black bear cubs, frolicking and playing under the watchful eye of their mother, who was eating berries nearby.

Double Dare - Black Bears by Carl Brenders is available for sale as a signed and numbered limited edition of only 650 art prints with a 17-3/8 x 28-3/8 image size priced at $135 unframed.

Order yours today. All prints are professionally boxed and insured and guaranteed to arrive in mint condition. Wildlife Artist Carl Brenders painted a couple of Black Bears in high quality fine art prints for sale. All prints have been hand signed by the artist. Print published in 2003.

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Signed And Numbered Limited Edition Print 17-3/8 x 28-3/8 Image Size 650 $135.00

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