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Steller's Jay By Carl Brenders

By Carl Brenders

Steller's Jay by Carl Brenders "Cyanocitta Stelleri"

"One of the nicest birds in the Belgian forests is the European jay. It is a big, beige-brown jay with a few bright blue feathers in its wings. These blue plumes contrast so nicely with the beige of the body and the black of the rest of the wings that it makes him a very special guest in your backyard. As I learned about North American wildlife, finding that several species of blue jays existed excited me. The classical blue jay of the eastern U.S. is one of my favorites, but the Stellerís jay, so typical of the Rockies and the West, is even more attractive because of its deep blue body and dark brown head. I will never forget the excitement I felt when I saw one for the first time in Yellowstone. I also fell in love with the yellow lichens you see everywhere on the old dead pine trees in the West. The harmonious combination of the yellow lichens and the blue bird was begging to be painted." ~ Carl Brenders. This vertical Steller's Jay Fine Art Print was released in 1989.

Steller's Jay by Carl Brenders is available for sale as a higher quality limited edition of only 1,250 art prints. They have a 16-7/8 x 11-3/8 vertical image size priced at $___ unframed.

Order yours today. All artwork is professionally boxed and insured and guaranteed to arrive in mint condition. All artwork has been hand signed by the artist. Print was published in 1989.

If your interested in framing please send us an email to discuss the options. If you type the name SONG BIRD on the search box above you can browse through a lot of other great prints and paintings with song birds in them. Painting of a beautiful blue Stellers Jay standing on the forest floor in a early morning setting painted by wildlife artist Carl Brenders.

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Signed And Numbered Limited Edition Paper Print 16-7/8 x 11-3/8 Image Size 1250 Please Inquire Click to Inquire

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