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Killdeer On Nest By Owen Gromme

By Owen Gromme

Killdeer by Owen Gromme.

The artist painted a Killdeer sitting on its nest. The color of the Killdeer helps it hide from predators. Their name comes from their frequently heard call. These birds will frequently use a distraction display ("broken-wing act") to distract predators from their nests. This involves the bird walking away from its nesting area holding its wing in a position that simulates an injury and then flapping around on the ground emitting a distress call. The predators then think they have easy prey and are attracted to this seemingly injured bird and away from the nest. If the parent sees that a potential predator is not following them, they will move closer and get louder until they get the attention of the predator. This is repeated until the predator is far from the nest, and the killdeer suddenly "heals" and flies away.

Killdeer by Owen Gromme is available for sale as a signed and numbered limited edition of only 800 art prints with a 9 x 12 image size priced at $155 unframed.

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Signed And Numbered Limited Edition Print 9 x 12 Image Size 800 $155.00

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