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Redpolls By Owen Gromme

By Owen Gromme

Red Polls by Owen Gromme

The artist painted a pair of Red Polls in this painting and bird art print for sale. This smaller vertical painting is a perfect gift for the bird lover in your life. All redpolls are northern breeding woodland species, associated with birch trees. They are small birds, brown or grey-brown above and with a red forehead patch. The adult male's breast is washed in red, but in females and young birds the buff breast and white belly are streaked with brown. The bill is small and yellow. Some birds, particularly young ones, are difficult to assign to species.

They are primarily seed-eaters, and often feed acrobatically like a tit; their diet may include some insects in summer. They have a dry reeling song and a metallic call. They lay 47 eggs in a nest in a tree or, in the case of the Arctic Redpoll, a large bush. They can form large flocks outside the breeding season, sometimes mixed with other finches.

Red Polls by Owen Gromme is available for sale as a signed and numbered limited edition of only 850 art prints with a 14 x 10 image size priced at $___ unframed.

Order yours today. All artwork is professionally boxed and insured and guaranteed to arrive in mint condition. This print was published in 1989.

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Signed And Numbered Limited Edition Print 14 x 10 Image Size 850 Please Inquire Click to Inquire

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