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Pirates - Original Painting By John Ananis

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Pirates! - by John Ananis

This is a very old original oil painting (100 plus years old) with three pirates storming a room below deck. It has a "Treasure Island" feel to it. This is a high action oil painting showing how dangerous it was to travel buy sea back in the early days. The lead Pirate looks like a very strong individual but a he has just taken a powder ball at close range.

Pirates - by John Ananis is available for sale as a framed original oil painting. It has a 26 x 24 vertical image size and can be yours for $7,400 framed.

The painting had a tear in it has has been repaired somewhere along its life. It is almost impossible to see on the front but when looking at the back of the canvas you can see the seam of the repair (excellent work). It seams almost fitting for a painting of this nature to have a little extra character like that.

Types Dimensions Edition Size Price Cart
Framed Original Oil Painting 26 x 24 Image Size Original Painting $7,400.00

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