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Zfr Racing With The Past By Terrence Fogarty - Framed

By Terrence Fogarty

Racing with the Past by Terrence Fogarty.

This is one example of many frame designs used on "Racing with the Past" by Terrence Fogarty. This is what the Minnesota State fair race track looked like. Note where we had artist Terrence Fogarty personalize the glass. The name plate states Racing with the Past by Terrence Fogarty, With Authentic piece of wood from the inside rail of turn two. Racing With the Past by Terrence Fogarty This painting features one of the last auto races at the historic Minnesota State Fair Grandstand, built in 1909 and hosting auto racing since the 1920's. The Grandstand has since been demolished. Can you spot the 1920's era car on the track? If you look close you will see Fogarty has painted a old race car in the middle of the pack. Some of the biggest names in nascar today have raced at the Minnesota State Fair. This painting brings back so many memories for people who shared the experience of the state fair races year after year with friends and family. This was one of the last races at the fairgrounds track which hosted auto racing since the early 1900's. Some of the great names ran on this oval, including drivers: Al Unser, Mario Andretti and Dale Earnhardt just to name a few. I included the ghostly image of a 1900's era car in this piece as a tribute to the history and longevity of this track. It was only about a year later that I learned that many fairgrounds employees routinely sight ghostly beings in and around the grandstand. Apparently the souls of some unfortunate drivers still haunt the area. The original oil painting is for sale for only $19,000. There has been a signed and numbered limited edition art print for sale for only $150 unframed. We have some small chunks of wood from the inside rail or turn two that we include for free with purchase while supplies last!

Types Dimensions Edition Size Price Cart
Unframed print signed and numbered 9 x 32 Image Size 500 $150.00

Framed as shown includes complete frame as shown Signed and numbered print and authentic piece of wood from MN state fair race track 21-1/2 x 41-1/2 outside frame 500 $450.00

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