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Lion Cubs By Robert Bateman

By Robert Bateman

Lion Cubs by Robert Bateman

"I saw these two yearlings which were part of a pride of 24 lions on one kopje, a favorite haunt of the pride. Kopjes are granite outcrops rising above the sea of grass with well-worn domes and cliffs. The king of beasts does not need to hide, and favors a promontory because he is able to gaze across the plain as well as shift position according to the sun, shade and view."

"The cubs had found their way around the cliff to this secluded crevice. Here they could avoid the fuss of mothers and young cubs. They survey the world of the Serengeti Plain far below them. The Serengeti Plain, with its vast herds of zebra, wildebeest, and other antelope is one of the best places remaining in the world which supports a large lion population."

"It is a world of some 2,000 square miles and is the last large area on earth with a balanced community of large mammals. It is an example of the primeval planet as it was before the dominance of man. Although it is set aside as a Tanzanian national park, it is threatened by poaching as well as political and economic pressures. The Serengeti is a priceless heritage of all mankind. It is to be hoped the lions will forever gaze on a domain which belongs to them." ~ Robert Bateman

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