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The End Of A Classic Era By Les Kouba

By Les C. Kouba

The End of a Classic Era by Les Kouba

This painting is in the best tradition of the Kouba oeuvre and an appropriate ending for the American Classic Series. It is rich with his humor.

Kouba tells a humorous story in his illustration of a successful hunt. One of the hunters has accidentally gotten wet, and his red long johns are drying out on the clothesline by the "privy".

As Kouba tells it, "The hunter is getting dry on the outside, but he is getting wet on the inside", Courtesy of Schmidt Beer. Kouba won a national advertising award for his work commissioned by Schmidt.

The license plate on the car is Kouba's lifelong home address with his birth date below. The Coca-Cola sign is part of the legacy,and the lefse on the roof is in humorous deference to his Scandinavian friends. "you can even patch a roof with lefse" according to a favorite song. The hastily Constructed hunting shack is typically left unfinished.

If we peruse the old family photograph albums of the 1920's, we find the "in thing" was to proudly adorn the family touring car with trophies of the hunt and then take a picture. Hence the Kodak and film are ready, and the photographer will shortly make his best effort.

The 1925 Model T Ford is owned by Richard and Sharron Young of Michigan, North Dakota. They Graciously assisted in the photographic research necessary for the painting.

The American Classics Series is a portrait of remembrances seen through the eyes of an impressionable farm boy now recalled after a lifetime as an artist. The series shares the artist's vision in an eloquent tribute to the spirit and integrity of a dedicated, self-reliant people and their courageous heritage.

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