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Whitetail In Winter By Robert Bateman

By Robert Bateman

Whitetail in Winter by Robert Bateman

"For most of human history winter was a hard time. Food was scarce and shelter was essential. The same applies to deer, especially in the season of snow. The location of this scene was near our cottage in Haliburton County, north of Toronto. Although some recent winters have been almost snow less (much to the disappointment of cross-country skiers like ourselves, and to snowmobiles, unlike ourselves), the winter in this picture had a good supply of this all important blanket. Snow protects plants and hibernating creatures and provides an essential source of moisture for the springtime."

"In winters when the snow is very deep it causes great difficulty and death for deer. They resort to eating twigs and cedar and when these are out of reach, they starve. Moreover, deep snow makes it almost impossible for deer to move about with their sharp, narrow hooves. They therefore 'yard up' in sheltered valleys often filled with cedar. They beat down trails in a very limited area and so can move about with great restriction. If a pack of wolves find such a 'yard' it is very bad news for the deer. If they stay, they can be killed; if they leave they flounder in the deep snow and are easily picked off by the wolves whose feet are better adapted for running on top."

"There is one such deer yard location less than a mile from the scene of this painting. But in this particular season the snow was not too deep and so the deer could move about at will. I was attracted by the long, low, winter light making patterns on the freshly fallen snow." ~ Robert Bateman

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