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Forest Carpenter - Pileated Woodpeckers By Carl Brenders

By Carl Brenders

Forest Carpenter - Pileated Woodpeckers by Carl Brenders, available for sale from Art Barbarians Wildlife Art Gallery. Dryocopus pileatus.

This wildlife art print has two Pileated Woodpeckers posing on a tree branch. These birds mainly eat insects, especially carpenter ants and wood-boring beetle larvae. They also eat fruits, nuts, and berries, including poison ivy berries. Pileated Woodpeckers will often chip out large and roughly rectangular holes in trees while searching out insects, especially ant galleries. They also will lap up ants by reaching with their long tongue into crevices. They are self-assured on the vertical surfaces of large trees but can seem awkward while feeding on small branches and vines. Pileated woodpeckers may also forage on or near the ground, especially around fallen, dead trees, which can contain a smorgasbord of insect life. They may forage around the sides of human homes or even cars and can occasionally be attracted to suet-type feeders. Although they are less likely feeder visitors than smaller woodpeckers, Pileateds may regularly be attracted to them in areas experiencing harsh winter conditions.

Forest Carpenter - Pileated Woodpeckers by Carl Brenders is available for sale as a signed and numbered limited edition of only 1,250 art prints with a 25-3/4 x 18 vertical image size priced at $175 unframed.

Order yours today. All prints are professionally boxed and insured and guaranteed to arrive in mint condition. Wildlife Artist Carl Brenders painted a pair of Pileated Woodpeckers in high quality fine art prints for sale. All prints have been hand signed by the artist.

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Signed And Numbered Limited Edition Print 25-3/4 x 18 Image Size 1950 $175.00

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