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Winter Barn By Robert Bateman

By Robert Bateman

Winter Barn by Robert Bateman

"Some of those subjects were works of nature but many were works of man like old barns, farmhouse, fences, and so on. Although these things lasted for 100 years or more, every single one of them had been destroyed within the last decades - they were all gone by 1987."

"I think that it is a pity that we in North America are so cavalier about our natural and man-made heritage. In Europe there has been for many years a serious effort to preserve the family farm and to preserve man-made works of previous generations. Such a commitment to preservation requires us to pay attention and to pay for it. The Europeans consider it a worthy cost. We North Americans apparently don't and so our heritage disappears, very often through carelessness and more often through greed."

"This painting was done as part of a project to depict the natural and human heritage of the country in which I live. This moment should seem to be the result of physics, chemistry, biology and history, which have all come together to produce this combination of forms, colors and textures." ~ Robert Bateman

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