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The Widows Mite By James Christensen

By James Christensen

The Widows Mite by James Christensen

As Jesus and His disciples watched, the town's rich men made an ostentatious show of putting their gold and silver in the temple treasury. They watched, judging each other and proudly displaying their own grandiose offerings. It was a show of reverence instead of the real thing. Then into their midst walked a poor widow. She came simply and without fanfare, unaware of the impression she made. While the rich men look in disdain at her pittance - she hadn't even troubled to carry the coins side by side to increase their gleam -Jesus understood that this poor woman's small gift was of a magnitude unattainable by mere wealth.

She is a young widow. Perhaps she has children? If so, her gift is greater still. But she doesn't think of how large or small her gift is, she merely gives what she has. The woman glows with an inner light. By contrast, the rich, bejeweled city fathers are in the dark. Even the widow's clothing, although ragged, glows with a celestial light. The point is not the money, it is what we are willing to give of ourselves.

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