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Dik - Dik By Guy Combes

Dik - Dik by Guy Combes

Female dik-diks are somewhat larger than males. The males have horns, which are small (about 3 in or 7.5 cm), slanted backwards and longitudinally grooved. The hair on the crown forms an upright tuft that sometimes partially conceals the short, ribbed horns of the male. The upper body is gray-brown, while the lower parts of the body, including the legs, belly, crest, and flanks, are tan. A bare black spot below the inside corner of each eye contains a preorbital gland that produces a dark, sticky secretion. Dik-diks insert grass stems and twigs into the gland to scent-mark their territories.

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Types Dimensions Edition Size Price Cart
Signed And Numbered Limited Edition Giclee Canvas 12 x 9 Image Size 75 $195.00

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