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Autumn Thunder - Musk Oxen By John Seerey - Lester

Autumn Thunder - Musk Oxen painted by wildlife artist John Seerey-Lester

Musk oxen live in the frozen Arctic and roam the tundra in search of the roots, mosses, and lichens that sustain them. In winter, they use their hooves to dig through snow to graze on these plants. During the summer, they supplement their diet with Arctic flowers and grasses, often feeding near water.

The muskox, also spelled musk ox and musk-ox, is an Arctic hoofed mammal of the family Bovidae, noted for its thick coat and for the strong odor emitted during the seasonal rut by males, from which its name derives. This musky odor is used to attract females during mating season.

Autumn Thunder - Musk Oxen by John Seerey - Lester is available for sale as a signed and numbered limited edition of only 950 art prints with a 18-7/8 x 28 image size priced at $150 unframed.

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Types Dimensions Edition Size Price Cart
Signed And Numbered Limited Edition Print 18-7/8 x 28 Image Size 950 $150.00

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