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Arctic Loon And Cotton Grass By Robert Bateman

Arctic Loon and Cotton Grass by Robert Bateman

"The loon family has only four species, all of the genus Gavia. These divers are among the most primitive of birds, and their ancestry can be traced back almost 65 million years. Although most North Americans immediately think of the common loon when they hear the word "loon", the black-throated loons and red-throated loons are much more widespread. The black-throated loon has two subspecies, the Pacific loon and the Eurasian loon."

"In spite of my deep feelings of nostalgia for our old friend, the common loon, I actually think that the Arctic loon is more handsome. The feathers of the head and neck are so fine, they blend together like smooth velvet. When the bird is feeling proud or disturbed, it can raise these feathers which remain intact, giving the appearance of an inflated balloon."

"Much of the Arctic is wet and boggy- a perfect habitat for these loons and for cotton grass. To me, the tufts of Arctic "cotton" give a lyrical counterpoint to the striking markings of the loon." ~ Robert Bateman

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