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New Hardcover Art Book - An Artist's Life By Michael Sieve

An Artist's Life by Michael Sieve

Length: 288 pages

Retail price: $84.99

Approximate pub date: Sept. 1, 2022

Author info: Michael Sieve has been painting professionally for more than four decades. A skilled hunter, accomplished artist and committed conservationist, Sieve has painted more than 500 original works, with 150 reproduced as limited-edition prints by Wild Wings, a renowned wildlife art publisher. Sieve’s paintings can be found in collections and museums throughout the world, with reproductions appearing in some of the finest wildlife and outdoor publications in the United States. Publisher info: Now in its 41st year as America’s most prestigious hunting and fishing magazine, Sporting Classics has been publishing books almost as long. The South Carolina-based company specializes in books featuring the world’s finest wildlife artists. Sporting Classics has also produced many much-respected titles ranging from reprints of outdoor “classics” to new books, both fiction and true-life anthologies by some of America’s greatest sporting scribes.

Michael Sieve is widely hailed as one of the world’s foremost painters of wild animals. Sieve has spent more than forty years seeking inspiration in the natural world and channeling it into captivating images that challenge and fulfill him

Sieve paints in a contemporary style, with a keen eye for detail and a masterful understanding of animal behavior and anatomy that can only be learned through a lifetime of experience in the field. Meticulously realistic and beautifully composed, his paintings follow the artistic tradition shaped by wildlife legends Les Kouba and Bob Kuhn and continued by distinguished contemporaries such as Gary Moss, Robert Bateman and more.

Featured on these pages are more than 280 paintings dating from the early 1970s to today. You’ll join the artist on adventure-filled journeys across North America, Central America, Africa and Asia and discover a vast portfolio of wildlife, including lions, tigers, bears, white-tailed deer and more. You’ll enjoy his gripping and refreshingly honest accounts of the experiences that inspired his artwork. In his stories, Sieve shares his deep commitment to land and wildlife conservation practices and recounts his adventures observing, photographing and hunting his wild subjects.

With chapter introductions penned by family, friends and esteemed peers, An Artist’s Life paints a robust portrait of this acclaimed artist.

An Artist's Life by Michael Sieve is now available to order, A limited edition of only 1,000 hardcover book's with 288 pages priced at $84.99

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