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Bighorn Country - Bighorn Sheep By Charles Frace

Bighorn Country - Bighorn Sheep by Charles Frace'

Bighorn sheep are named for the large, curved horns borne by the rams (males). Ewes (females) also have horns, but they are shorter with less curvature. They range in color from light brown to grayish or dark, chocolate brown, with a white rump and lining on the backs of all four legs.

Bighorns from the Rocky Mountains are relatively large, with males that occasionally exceed 500 lbs. and females that exceed 200 lbs. In contrast, Sierra Nevada bighorn males weigh up to only 198 lbs. and females to 132 lbs. Males' horns can weigh up to 30 lbs. as much as the rest of the bones in the male's body

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