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Although wildlife art is our specialty, there's another genre which we take a lot of pride in carrying, the sports artist. Terrence Fogarty prints like Sons Of March capture the feelings of our sport from early childhood. This artist brings out those feelings or youthful days that we treasure so much and we feature here on our web site.

Terrence Fogarty Sons Of March Art Print

In the artists own words:

"A common question I get is what experiences have inspired me to paint sports scenes since I was in grade school? If I had to name one event that may have contributed to my interest in sports as a subject matter, I might have chosen a Saturday when I was 10 or 11 years old. I was walking down University Avenue toward Memorial Stadium with my father. It was a brilliant fall day. In the background the band played and I was as close to heaven as a 10 year old can get anticipating a box of corn and an afternoon of football. The beauty of that day was the simple elements of a sporting event, the band, stadium and the crowd.

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I sometimes create images that remind me of the way sports were, images that sometimes are a little too perfect. Maybe it's a subconscious influence of Norman Rockwell's images. I really can't say. Conversely, some of my paintings are simple, stark reality. These images, like a piece I did on a baseball field in Montana are without embellishment. They are scenes true to life, but in many cases even more romantic than the pieces where I have chosen to use artistic license.

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