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Yeti By Robert Bateman

Yeti by Robert Bateman

"There have been many sightings and observations of the Yeti’s tracks, plus endless stories from local people, but no specimen or good photographs. It was enjoyable for me to construct this creature by combining features from living apes and primitive humans. It was important to me to give him a sense of time and place, as if you had come around a cliff and surprised him. He is giving you an unsettling glance before he strides out of sight and disappears in the snowy vastness." ~ Robert Bateman

Yeti by Robert Bateman is available as a signed and numbered limited edition print with a 10 x 8 image size priced at $___ unframed.

Order yours today. All artwork is professionally boxed and insured and guaranteed to arrive in mint condition.

Types Dimensions Edition Size Price Cart
Signed And Numbered Limited Edition Print 10 x 8 Image Size 950 Please Inquire Click to Inquire

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